20th T'nalak Festival and 53rd Foundation Anniversary of South Cotabato

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								Kalimudan Festival 2019


The biggest, brightest and most colorful celebration held in the province of South Cotabato.

Sharing Our Best. Nurturing Our Future.

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20th T'nalak Festival and 53rd Foundation Anniversary of South Cotabato Province

The T’nalak Festival is an annual celebration that commemorates the Foundation Anniversary of the dynamic South Cotabato province.

In South Cotabato there’s a different outlook in life. Indeed, a different sense of happiness. The people are simple, the pace relaxed, the atmosphere provincial. You won’t find the fancy Jaguars or BMWs, the cooler-than-thou vibe nor the lifestyle stress of the usual mega-metropolis. Here, there’s a sense of home. A visiting guest can glimpse in its people a smile of contentment – an endearing sense of happiness. Its influence can touch every aspect of one’s life, and permeate a stranger to redefine his own. This is our extraordinary South Cotabato. It’s ready to become yours.

A journey to South Cotabato is infused with a spectrum of unique and extraordinary experiences; From cultures of vibrant colors, auspicious beliefs and the enigma of venerable traditions to awe-inspiring landscapes and verdant panorama. South Cotabato has been blessed with so much, and we have only really begun to discover how much so.

T’nalak, undoubtedly hailed as the province’s ultimate cultural emblem is a traditional masterpiece of geometric patterns dreamt to life by the T’boli weavers who translate their dreams into intricate patterns of intensely colored abaca fibers.

The T’nalak Festival celebrated every second week of July in commemoration of the province's Foundation Anniversary is an unforgettable experience that has become the biggest, brightest and most colorful celebration held in the province of South Cotabato and has continuously been gaining grounds from the momentum and interest brought about by the mystic tapestry it has come to represent. Through the years there has been a continuing increase in the number of visitors from out of town who come to revel in the T’nalak Festival’s sensory overload, often leaving with a promise to return the next time with a bevy of friends in tow. Each passing year has seen the festival heightening its level of celebration with even more events, vibrancy and flair to welcome its guests and tourists. From a wide range of impressive events that include colorful street dancing, dazzling beauty pageants, pulsating street parties, and innovative trade expos, the T’nalak Festival has it all!

These times of a borderless world have lent the global traveler, local gypsy or those with the simple need to get away from it all (and who doesn’t?) with the unprecedented ease to travel. What was once one of the best kept secrets in Mindanao is now beginning to edge its way onto the Philippine archipelago’s list of extraordinary escape options. In the constant search for the proverbial road-less-traveled, travelers to South Cotabato and T’nalak Festival won’t entirely be sure if it was because of the exciting events, the people, the beautiful sights, the food, or all of them combined, but South Cotabato's celebration of T'nalak Festival provides what it has promised and more: a truly inimitable escape. The travelers’ tales about this southern sanctuary hold true. It really is “One Extraordinary Province; One Unforgettable Experience!”

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• T'nalak Festival is held at City of Koronadal, South Cotabato.
• You may reach South Cotabato Province by plane via Manila, Cebu, or Iloilo to General Santos City Airport.
• You may also access South Cotabato via land travel from Davao City.

• To get to Koronadal City from General Santos City you proceed to Bulaong terminal.
• Take a Bus ride from Gensan to Marbel/Koronadal and it will approximate a travel time of 1 hour if travel is non-stop.


        T'nalak Festival Secretariat - Arts, Culture, Tourism and Sports (ACTS) Promotions Unit,
2nd Floor, Right Wing, South Cotabato Gymnasium and Cultural Center
Alunan Avenue, City of Koronadal, Province of South Cotabato 9506
  +63 (83) 878 2140
  +63 (83) 228 3447

Schedule of Activities


Civic Military Parade : Thematic and Float Competition
Main streets within the City of Koronadal

On July 13, 2019 at 6:00 am, together with the newly elected officials and colorful floats of different local establishments, join us as we take on the main streets of Koronadal City for the Civic Military Parade: Thematic and float competition!

This is T'nalak Festival 2019! Our Home, NOW, your Destination!

T’nalak’s ang "Pinaka Challenge!"

South Cotabateños! Prepare your eyes this coming July 14, 2019, 8:00 am at Provincial Capitol Covered Court as the farmers of the different municipality and city of the province will exhibit their biggest, smallest and heaviest fruits flaunted in their respective Bahay Kubo. Isulong Agrikultura ng South Cotabato!

Bahay Kubo and Plants & Product Display

Take a selfie and share to the world the rich harvest of fruits and vegetables of the South!

Prepare yourself as the different municipalities and city of South Cotabato showcase once again their Bahay Kubo - adorned with world-class products and harvest. Bring your family and friends this July 12, 2019 8:00 am in front of Provincial Capitol.

T’nalak’s "Culinary Challenge"

The most prestigious Culinary Competition in the region is back!

On July 14, 2019 8:00 am at Provincial Capitol Covered Court, witness the skills and talent of the chief as they battle on the T’nalak Culinary Challenge 2019.

See you!

Mutya ng South Cotabato 2019

The most beautiful night of the 53rd Foundation Anniversary and 20th Tnalak Festival

Who do you think will bring home the Mutya ng South Cotabato 2019 crown?


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